Fort Collins Artist Chris Bates Unveils Harper Goff Mural Project With Documentary Film Produced By Kind Dub

Fort Collins, Colorado artist Chris Bates recently completed his newest mural in Downtown Fort Collins at the recently opened Exchange. The black and white mural depicts Fort Collins born, Disney legend Harper Goff. Titled “The Life of Harper Goff” this painting tells the life story of Goff inside of his portrait using a technique that Bates dubs “finetooning”. This mural is the first of it’s kind and uses a barrage of line work and detail to build an impressive piece of art that serves as art piece, historical document and local landmark. 

Kind Dub documented the 100 hour project in a mini documentary which you can view below. Go and see the piece in person at 200 North Pine street at the intersection of Harper Goff Alley and Old Firehouse Alley, which also serves as the main entrance to the Crooked Stave Taproom. 

Click here to read the article John Frost of The Disney Blog wrote about the mural,  Chris Bates, and Harper Goff.

Behind The Scenes

About Chris Bates

Chris Bates is a Fort Collins, Colorado based visual artist who specializes in a unique style he calls “finetooning”.

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