Kind Dub Krew – How We Do It EP



Kind Dub Krew – How We Do It EP

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How We Do It Album Art:

How We Do It EP Special Thanks

The Kind Dub Krew would like to thank:

The Kind Dub & Hood Life Krew, Qbala, DJ Dominic Deadbeat, DJ Mahf, Steedy P, IGE crew, Manny Hinkson, Gretchen, DJ Dabble, Jamal & Jason Souljasonic of Rudie Clash, ALL Colorado residents, Justin, Danny, & Dave of the Colorado Room, Determined Nation,  Wu Man Chu, CSU & The Collegian, Chris Bates of Mighty Fine Art,  Zumbi & Amp Live of Zion I, Jordan Polvina & The Glitta Kings, Adam Kinghorn, Joe Lessard, Matt “Low End” Lowen & Mike Chappel of Head For The Hills, Steakhouse & Whiskey Blanket, The Shear Solutions Team, The Hieroglyphics crew, DJ Paul and Koopsta Nikka, Visual & Hello Hip Hop, Drop D & Buffalo NY crew, Dan from Hodi’s Half Note, Eric Westbrook, Matt “Slip” Roberts, Allen H., Mark K, & Johnny of Guitar Center, The Reserve Casino, Keith, Chris, & Tim of Colorado Music Buzz, Bill Neeland, Jerry Johnstone, Arthur Gowdy, James Mantis, All In Productions, In The Shed Media, Josh Sargent,  FOCOMA & FOCOMX, Greta Cornet, the Fort Collins music community, all the sound guys and audio engineers who smoke weed, Jordan Moon & GA Night, Taylor Hukari, Josh Mallin, Nate Collins,  Adam Campbell, Rob Totora, Don Taylor, Mike & Adam of Citizen Printing, Brian Krugman, Dan Friesmtih & Blake, Morgan, Nico, & Doug from The Joint, Dane at the Fitter, Ryan from Good Vibes, The Grow Shop crew, Jen from Headed West, Liz & The Smokey Monkey crew, Denver, Subarus everywhere, Amendment 64, Colorado, Akai, Ableton, Avid Pro Tools, Focusrite, ESP Guitars, Line 6, Vestax, Pioneer, Native Instruments, Soundcloud, Allen & Heath, & all our families and friends and anyone that has supported us along the way. This would not be possible with out YOU!


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