Kind Dub Krew – “Hood Life” Official Release

The Kind Dub Krew’s new single “Hood Life” is now available!

Free downloads are available via the SoundCloud player above, Kind Dub’s SoundCloud, or BandCamp!

Mr. Kind Dub – Executive Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
CO – Vocals, Lyrics
Arson – Vocals, Lyrics


Don’t miss the Kind Dub 1 Year Anniversary Party: Hood Life Snowboard Release, November 14th at The Colorado Room.

November 14, 2013 “Mr. KD” and “CO” debuted their Hood Life brand and apparel publicly to the world, in Ft. Collins, CO at Hodi’s Half Note. Exactly one year later marks the first official Kind Dub Music & Apparel Hood Life Snowboard Release! We invite you and all your friends to come celebrate the 1 year anniversary of our locally growing brand and company,  as well as our first year of performing unforgettable LIVE shows together. What better way to celebrate this historic event than with the great food and beer offered by our family at The Colorado Room. Please come enjoy local business, music, art, and “CO”‘s birthday, as well as the first available opportunity to pick up our limited edition Hood Life snowboard courtesy of our partners WI – ME Snowboards.

Proximity- Denver, CO
Kind Dub Krew – Ft. Collins, CO
Dj SYNc3re – Ft. Collins, CO
No GiMiK – Milwaukee, WI

NO COVER, ALL AGES, live music, live art by Mightyfine Art, drinks & food available, Kind Dub Gear Giveaways, and an opportunity to grab 1 of 20 limited edition first year Hood Life snowboard decks!

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  KindDub_Snowboard_Blue  KindDub_Snowboard-Green



Kind Dub Krew in mixing stage of “Hood Life”

Take It To the Top Video Pic

The Kind Dub Krew’s new single “Hood Life” is in the final stages and will be available November 11th via Soundcloud and KindDub.com.

Here are screen shots from the Ableton Live Set during a mixing session. The instruments were summed down to only four tracks [On left in picture 1] before this mix was started to reduce track numbers. CO’s and Arson’s vocals are visible in green and blue.

Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 8.27.33 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-30 at 8.20.39 PM

Stick Figure – Weight Of Sound

A great  Stick Figure song to kick back and relax too!

Lyrics By

This one goes out to my girl tonight
I’ll sing a song for you because the mood is right
It’s 2:16 on a Saturday night
My girl she is passed out, she’s not feeling alright

Twenty four hours can be a long time
To be lying in bed from the previous night
I’ll sit here and drink myself a beer
All night long, I’ll sing this song till you call on me, yeah

Tomorrow will come and the sun will shine
Well I’ll be sitting here right by your side
So let the music soothe your soul
Let the music take control
Everything you do or say comes back to you
When things don’t work out right, you got to push on through

So keep on running, keep on moving
Everything is gonna be alright
Keep on smiling, keep on laughing
Every little thing is gonna be alright

If you left this choice up to me
Don’t tell me what you got girl
Baby please tell me what you need
I must confess, I’ve been blessed but I’ll never say never
‘Cause I could die today but this music lives forever

And nothing is impossible, nothing is out of your reach
It’s just another love song, just another melody
So keep believing in your dreams, life’s not what it seems sometimes
And love the air you breathe, you got everything you need for tonight

Running away, running away
So far from this place, running away

So keep on running, no… keep on moving, yeah
Everything is gonna be alright
So keep on smiling, no… keep on laughing, yeah
Every little thing is gonna be alright

Playing on your radio, coming through your stereo
And everybody’s getting down
You can’t seem to let it go, running like a video
You’re haunted by the weight of sound

In your eyes, you focus on the light
And for tonight, just relax and let’s get high

The sun it is a sinking low, I’m thinking that it’s time to go
And everybody’s headed home
Watch them as they come and go, listen to your soul it knows
Can you feel the weight of sound?

It’s just love there’s nothing that’s more real
This love, and the way it makes you feel


Free Show @Hodis Oct 22 #StopPoliceBrutality

Don’t miss the National Day Against Police Brutality event at Hodi’s Half Note, October 22.  This is a free night “to bring awareness to the rampant abuse of power and lack of accountability taking place within today’s law enforecement services and how we as a community can respond to and prevent it.”

This event will feature:

Music, art, key speakers, and free community info.

Artists Performing Include:

Ruddie ClashEndless Monster, Kind Dub Krew, Ras Marcus Benjamin, & DJ Ras Cuz

Music & Apparel