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Interview by Heart Your Face Productions

Where are you from?

Golden, Colorado ~ representing the local CO natives, I spent my time anywhere between Denver and the mountains as well as up and down the Front Range growing up.

How did you become involved in music?

I became very interested in music as a child singing choir, playing pianos and random instruments at school and with friends, however sports always over-shadowed music when I was younger. As I got older, I really connected back with creativity, sound, and writing in my middle school and high school years. I was always writing poems, stories, and would listen to tons of music of all types.

What do you play/produce?

I write music, rap, sing, and indulge in guitar, keys, and an array of random instruments, controllers, and studio gear. I am constantly learning alongside “Mr.” KD whatever we can get our hands on. We enjoy making all types of music, yet hip-hop is my favorite type of music to write, produce, and perform.

Before Kind Dub, how were you involved in music?

I have been a life long student of music, listening to and analyzing many types of styles and genres over the years; music has always intrigued me. I was involved in choir and piano as a kid and really found a love for free-styling and hip-hop in my teenage years when all kinds of crazy shit was going on in my life behind the scenes.

What music has influenced you?

All types of music have influenced me over the years from classical to oldies, rock, reggae, and mostly music that is older than I am. I love the hip-hop pioneers and anything interesting I can dig up at the thrift store or a dusty crate of vinyl. I used to have 1000’s of tapes and CD’s that ended up getting stolen about 6 years back unfortunately, I still reminisce about the albums I collected growing up!

Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?

I truly admire too many musicians to count really, but if I had to choose one person I would have to say Bob Marley, due to the nature of his storytelling and how timeless his music and messages will forever be. I look for truth and meaning in music, music with a purpose. I look up to artists that turn their music and talents into a movement or business and intangibles that will transcend the length of their careers as artists.

What programs do you use?

Ableton and QuickBooks (laughs).

What type of recording process did you use? Who produced your recording?

We recorded How We Do It in our in-home studio and vocal booth. We are strategic in the way we invest in our music, so we make due with what we have, and put forth all our extra funds into our equipment and achieving a more quality sound. We used a Scarlett18i20, various microphones including a Rode NT-1A, and hours of endless hard work from “Mr.” KD with assistance from myself when I could to achieve our vocal sound on the last project. “Mr.” KD then laid the scratches using Traktor, a Vestax ProIII, Technic 1200’s, and finished up with guitar tracking on his ESP Electric Guitar and a Line6 POD HD500. It is “Mr.” KD and the Krew’s best sounding productions to date, and our recorded music is exponentially sounding better and evolving as we learn more and invest more in studio equipment.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Which ones?

Like I said, I had a collection of 1000’s of full-length albums on tape and CD that I acquired growing up. I used to wait outside in line at Budget Tapes & CD’s on 32nd and Youngsfield on Tuesdays, waiting to buy the new releases every week when they came out. I had every hip-hop album you could think of and more, like all the classics, rock, etc., and they all influenced me in some way. That collection was stolen in 2009 in a horrible moving situation when I left Denver to see what Ft. Collins was all about. I’ll never forget those days of filing through the CD booklet pages bumpin’ the classics!

Have you been in competitions? Fleadh’s? Any prizes?

This year we were lucky enough to have amazing fans and new listeners vote us all the way through multiple rounds to 3rd place in CO Music Buzz’s Bandwagon 5 Competition in Central City this year. It was an experience I will never forget, and our dedicated Krew of family, friends, and fans made it possible to achieve such a feat in only our first few months performing together.

What music are you working on?

I am currently working on a variety of new music. I am looking forward to more tunes from KDK, as well as some new collaboration in the works with some very talented musicians and groups in our state. I am currently writing to a series of new beats “Mr.” KD has been whipping up on the Maschine as I’m in school during the week. I don’t know if it will be fully solo work or whom I will be able to involve in this style of writing, but I am focusing on storytelling and unique experiences my life has given me in my first 25 years on the earth as well as the current situations surrounding our everyday lives. I am always looking to add another element or two in my future works to show my progression as an independent artist.

How far along is the record?

We just finished How We Do It this summer and took it on our first semi-national tour. We have no set release dates for our next full album in the future, however we are working on new projects with KDK, as well as our newest member of the Krew Passive Tactics, and many new singles and collaborations with fellow CO artists. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we are constantly dropping new content including new tracks and videos. “Hood Life” is set to drop November 11 on my birthday which I’m excited about, and we just dropped a new single titled “Revolution,” that really hits home with the Krew.

Does this upcoming record have a driving philosophy?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is too much bullshit going on around us all the time and I like to help myself and others find a center or ground or something they can relate to in their everyday lives through my music, lyrics, and our productions.

When you’re not involved in music, what do you enjoy?

When I am not making music I’m enjoying my last 3 semesters at CSU, working on our business and entrepreneurship, the outdoors, sports, art, and people. There is no satisfaction like working for yourself over a hundred hours a week then getting to kick back with your peeps and enjoy some home-grown Hood Life and a nice CO craft brew. I eat, sleep, and breath what I focus on, and I am always looking for opportunities to network and build within my community, state, and beyond!